07 September 2010

So, Tell Us What Really Happened at OOW 2010!

OK, FMT's Marketing Director is really after me to say something in one of my blog posts about the next Ask Us Anything Webinar on 29 September 2010. Since this blog is more about my personal passions than an advertisement for FMT Systems, I have been challenged regarding a context for talking about our monthly Webinar.

Enough grousing!

Strangely the idea for Ask Us Anything (AUA) came from the Marketing Director and I talking about giving back to a community that had given our organization so much support. In addition, we wanted to participate in helping the Oracle community as a whole learn more about business process and what it means to be a process focussed organization. This seemed especially important given Oracle's SOA Suite of applications and its focus on its Fusion products.

To single out a few of our esteemed AUA presenters might sound like favoritism or an advertising ploy (FMT's Marketing Director would love it though!). We've had numerous Subject Matter Experts present each month so that the momentum and attendance increase with each session. Instead, I want to send a blanket "Thank you!" to everyone who has participated in FMT's webinars. You know who you are. Further, your generosity and willingness to engage are very much appreciated.

I am also inclined to invite new presenters with cutting edge topics to reach out to our Marketing Director. If you have an interest in presenting a topic for AUA in 2011, contact her through aua at fmtsi dot com.

But more importantly, we want to share the knowledge that we have, with you. Of course, you may not tune in each month as some topics may not apply to you. But we do encourage you to keep an eye out for the invitations and Web site postings each month. Happenings in the business process and IT enabling worlds are numerous and frequent. AUA is a marvelous way to keep informed.

Please visit our events website or click immediate registration to join the September webinar. Now that I've made FMT's Marketing Department happy, I'll be talking about an issue related to team dynamics tomorrow.