29 April 2010

Fire! (and Ready, Aim . . .)

I read Evan Levy's blog post with enormous interest today. Why?

The conversations and challenges he describes regarding organizations looking for an MDM vendor are hauntingly familiar. I have similar conversations in the BI / ERP arenas where FMT Systems conducts most of its work.

As with Mr. Levy, I find myself asking clients and prospects, "What are you trying to accomplish?" The answers to this question are various, as might be expected, which of course leads to a discussion of priorities, business process automation issues and concerns, as well as suitability of different tools for specific user communities.

Then comes the inevitable question, "Well, what do you think of [insert vendor name here]'s offering for (BI/ERP)? We already have their [insert product name here] and maybe we should look at them first."

Actually, no -- organizations should be looking at their needs and requirements first! Think about which tactics will enable your company/agency/enterprise's strategy and meet its goals. Then select the best tool for accomplishing those objectives. All of us have seen the reverse scenario in action and it doesn't work.

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