13 November 2008

DevLearn 2008 #2

There is nothing like attending a conference and wishing that you could clone yourself!

Yesterday at DevLearn 2008 was like that for me and today's sessions look to be just as compelling. In the afternoon, I attended a session where the presenter discussed his view of training's purpose - to teach and embed behavior change. In addition, he discussed training in terms of a business function and a process. Then he continued his presentation by talking about why and how training efforts failed so miserably in fulfilling the promise of creating business value. He certainly started me thinking about all the times I've watched enterprise software implementations address the business process transformation and automation issues without the consideration that the education and training around that effort is also a process that must deliver business value.

Another presentation I attended was more a demonstration of various learning technology tools and how they are being used, very creatively, by the Department of Defense. I saw a field treatment guide for a non-medical soldier on an iPod. Literally all the soldier had to do was look at the image of a clothed body on the screen and touch the portion were an injury occurred. The iPod application launched a series of questions that, when answered, guided the soldier to a solution for addressing the problem in the field until medical assistance could be found, simply amazing!

Finally, some of you who read this blog know that I wrote a white paper earlier this year about rapid elearning development tools and their appropriate use in enterprise software implementations and upgrades. Many of the tools that I covered in the white paper have users and representatives here at DevLearn. Needless to say, I have been collecting feedback and stories from users and product direction information from the company representatives so that a new, updated edition of the white paper should be ready in January 2009.