25 May 2007

This is about you

While I am mulling over various ideas for another post or two, I thought you might be interested in knowing about where the Learnng ERP Systems blog readers are located. Perhaps those of you familiar with blog analysis services are aware that information about site visits and RSS feed subscriptions can be gathered.

I use Feedburner and Feedblitz as their services work together to provide a rounded view of who vists or subscribes to the blog. There is an image
that I took today that shows visitors' city locations, based upon IP address. The larger text indicates that the blog received more visitors from that locale.

The interest in learning about ERP Systems is global. That's pretty cool!

For those who celebrate Africa Day, happy greetings. For those in the US, have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. Happy Independence Day to all in Jordan. Happy Spring Bank Day (on Monday, 28 May) to everyone in the UK.