26 April 2007

Choice and Change

I believe that personal CHOICE has a huge impact on the way that change is both perceived and dealt with.

Does the end user feel that he or she has a choice in the changes that are being made? For example, if a new software package is being implemented, did the user have any say as to which package was chosen?

Regarding training for change: Are you giving the user a choice as to how he/she will be trained in the new application or business process? For example, are you making several different types of training available (computer-based and instructor-led) to allow the users to pick the method they prefer. One size does not fit all when it comes to training and training is a crucial tool in successful change management.

I have personally encountered users who would rather switch jobs (such as: move to a new department within their company, take a buy-out or even retire) rather than accept change, such as learning a new software package. As long as this choice can be accommodated, it makes perfect sense for both user and the company that is making the change.

I’m not saying that companies should not change. I’m saying that, as much as possible, giving their users a CHOICE as to how the changes are implemented is a key factor to doing it successfully.


Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that a company employees should let users vote on software package selection? Is this realistic?